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Big Blue


May 2016

16 responses to “Big Blue”

  1. It’s big, blue and looks like another expensive abandoned machine. Great shot Tom but please give me this truck, you will be surprised on what I will do with it.

  2. I haven’t seen a lot of blue colored trucks. Was it given a new paint job prior to being abandoned? It somehow doesn’t look quite right with its orange cargo bed.

  3. There is a native name we give damaged lorries like this lol but the shot is worth viewing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lives up to the name. What a tank of a car. I bet you got some good traction and durability with this baby.

  5. My little boy has a toy replica of that truck. It’s good to see how the color is still so vivid.

  6. What an old truck but still ready to work for real and good. Thanks for this perfect photography job.

  7. Old looking truck but I’m sure it’s engine can still fire a long distance. Trucks like this hardly dies.

  8. It reminds me of the dump trucks when I was with my grand parents. Is this one still running? If it is then a paint job will do the trick in making this a beauty. If not then it is better to take it to the junk yard for it to die with grace.

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