June 2017

13 thoughts on “Big Me

  1. This is a nice picture..the view is spectacular… I love nature… I revel I watching nature

  2. Nature has become the most beautiful scenery of all times. Nothing can beat its beauty. Mother nature is always the best.

  3. Looking at nature always makes me feel calm. What a beautiful picture of trees and mountains.

  4. I love the mountain from afar. It has a mystery to it and not to mention the view is top notch. Nature at its best.

  5. That tree stand out so well among the she mall ones in the foreground. The mountains in the back also looks great.

  6. I love the way these three mountains in the background have aligned themselves. It’s like they have been drawn.

  7. There is so much details in this single photo that combine it to make it outstanding. from the trees to the mountain and the beautiful sky. Its lovely.

  8. Nature is one of my best loves and this picture did wonders for me. I love the view. I wish I can go there someday and have a stroll with my family. Thanks for sharing!

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