• Thomas Slatin

      The recent weather has been crazy here in Vermont. We have gone from winter temperatures to spring temperatures, then right back to winter temperatures all over again. I took the one opportunity of a warm day to remove the remnants of an old tree house that had become abandoned years prior. The tractor was an integral part of this task, as it allowed me to pull the rotted boards from the entanglement of branches, and then the bucket allowed me to transport the debris to a rented dumpster.

  • PNCO

    That’s some serious work you’ve been doing.
    Sounds amazing to live on your own old farm.. but yes, a lot of maintance i assume 🙂

    • Thomas Slatin

      I retired at the end of last year, at age 42! A lot of my friends are jealous of me, and they really have no reason to be jealous, as I put in so much time and hard work simply so I could retire at such an early age.

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