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Big Tree In The Rain

Big Tree In The Rain

June 2019

14 responses to “Big Tree In The Rain”

  1. This is a cool looking tree. It looks like it’s straight out of a Tim Burton movie. The smoke in the distance also adds a unique look.

  2. It looks like a tree that has withstood a storm? I like it. I prefer the conventional tree though. This looks like a BONZAI plant if you ask me. Still cool though.

  3. The tree is very strong as it was able to withstand any rain or storm. I hope we all stand like this tree. Never give up.

  4. Could this be a big summer tree since it hasn’t withered at all. I know it will blossom more as the rain pour on it.

  5. The tree is indeed a big and strong one. It stands to benefit more from the rain and suffer more from the storm. Nice caption and shot!

  6. The shot is just from the right and prefect point. This is a clear view of what they call nature. Thanks Tom, for this quality picture display.

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