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Birds Of FIT

Birds Of FIT

January 2020

26 responses to “Birds Of FIT”

  1. Wow, nature in art. The birds enticed with beautiful art worknon the wall, at the same time enjoying the meal. Lovely piece I tell you

  2. The birds will love the paintings on the wall. So colourful, even human cant but look at it. I love the concept

  3. Bird are always attracted when they see multicolors. The background of this picture makes me love this post.

  4. I love painting of any kind on the wall and I’m sure the birds will love same. It really attractive.

  5. That colorful but in a clustering way, this will really attract the birds,just like it would attract kids.

  6. Birds always potrays a peaceful side of nature. The birds being where they are together with wall painting, gives this shot it uniqueness.

  7. If these pigeons are called that, it is because they collect all the mijagas they find on the ground, they allow themselves to be seen from very close by just giving them food, definitely beautiful.

  8. A nice combination of the background graffiti with a living organism, the pigeons express tranquility.

  9. That’a a very cool picture Tom. I love how the birds and the mural can mix and create a iteresting topic

  10. I don’t know how you got the pigeons to stay on the foreground, but this image is way too cool and spot-on. My only lament is that there is way too much vignetting. Superb image, nonetheless.

  11. I see what you did there ha ha. Anyway, Is this an abandon building? Too bad birds are now taking residence on it. As suppose to people. Then again that is the goal of this shot? Good job!!!

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