When I was a child, I would dream in black and white.  Only a small fraction of my dreams would be in color, to match normal perception of day, respectively.  And yet there is something beautiful about black and white dreams.  They are often mysterious as the characters generally fade into ones perception much like silhouettes, or a ghost coming towards ones self walking out of a cover of fog.  For reasons I cannot explain, as as adult, the vast majority of my dreams are in vivid color, the complete opposite of those I had during my childhood.

32 thoughts on “Black And White Dreams

  1. A very peaceful place. This gives me a peace of mind and hope amidst the pandemic that the world is facing now.

  2. Dreams are both a blessing and a curse. Realized and it can bring great joy the opposite and it can break someone. To me however dreams serve as a goal that I look at when life happens.

  3. I never really pay attention if my dreams are in black and white or in color. Thanks for sharing this, I will try to remember the colors in my dream fron now on.

  4. I guess that happens to the best of us..as a child ,I had a dream of been an earonautic engineer but as I went on in years,my dreams changed..now..I prefer to be a voice over artist.. That’s life

  5. After a stressful day, I would love to stop by at this place for an hour just to relax and breathe some fresh air. I would remember all my dreams to pursue.

  6. That is quite an interesting revelation about your dreams. I have never actually thought about what my dreams have looked like, but I remember the majority of them were in vivid color. Other times, I just don’t dream at all, just a blank period from sleeping up tot he time I wake up in the morning.

  7. I never truly focus if my fantasies are clearly or in shading. A debt of gratitude for sharing this, I will attempt to recall the hues in my fantasy starting now and into the foreseeable future.

  8. I always find it interesting when I remember my childhood dreams. They were always quite and funny.

  9. Ofcourse friends, dreams of our child days are seems fantasy but there we are today, some came to past while most are still in Hope’s. A coloured dreams spells goods

  10. The land scape with a caption of the sky really looks great. For me, my dreams as a child really doesn’t mean a lot, most times a hardly remember them

  11. Indeed dreaming in black and white is quite strange. I guess it only goes to show that you are special and unique.

  12. Generally black and white holds more depth than color. There’s just some sense of mystery to it.

  13. As we grow old a lot of things do change about us. That’s probably why you no longer dream in black and white anymore.

  14. I find this amusing since I can barely recall any of my dreams with any kind of detail. People truly are different!

  15. I have a dream journal where I write down all the dreams I have. Your post just reminded me of it 🙂

  16. The thing with dreams is that they can be so mysterious and even frightening at times. I believe every dream has a deeper meaning.

  17. This is a very introspective look into the idea of dreams. I found it extremely eye opening and I can’t thank you enough for sharing Thomas 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. It looks like the photo was moving, when staring at it for quite a moment. Well, that’s the power of your photography skills.

  19. I think that when you are a child, dreams can be black and white because one has certain fears, fears that transform into shadows, but when you are young, the shadows fade.

  20. Dream in black and white? Can’t remember having a dream that way but vivid color is a yes for me.

  21. The ambiance of this shot shows calmness but the title I don’t really know about the colors of dream, maybe I will start paying attention to it.

  22. As kids we all had dreams though they may not be a vivid as the ones we have as adults. But the black and white dreams where negatives for you as a child because you didn’t have the capacity to make it a reality.

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