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Bleeding In Every Direction

Bleeding In Every Direction

September 2019

17 responses to “Bleeding In Every Direction”

  1. More like collapsing in all directions. Seriously, these will go down anytime now. It looks good though and it gives off a vibrant feeling. Good shot.

  2. This caption is really funny, Tom I agree with you. Everywhere is just bleeding and I doubt refurbishing might really help to put it in order.

  3. Upon seeing the title you tagged this post with, I was expecting to see blood drops almost every angles of the hall. I later discovered you just chooses to make it a parable for us. Thanks for this cool picture with nice direction of the sun.

  4. Oh wow, even plants started to grow up in this athic, I think the fact that the sun light is comning in makes this picture look very special.

  5. It looks as if a simple poke in the wall would make the entire structure collapse in on itself. the flooring doesn’t look too sturdy enough to be walked on.

  6. I don’t know if blood comes to mind when looking at this photo. To me it looks like a rustic shed with beautiful light and intrigue. I guess pictures evoke different emotions with each viewer.

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