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Blind To The Tide That Turns The Sea

Blind To The Tide That Turns The Sea

June 2019

12 responses to “Blind To The Tide That Turns The Sea”

  1. A big house with a wide lawn. I hope someone is still staying inside, for it not to be a waste.

    • This is an abandoned building in the middle of a field…I wonder why people abandon buildings

  2. The sky is almost purple in this pic, which is so cool! Looks like a very isolated area to be one with nature.

  3. Where is the sea? Still it is not that far to see houses like these on the sea side. Calm, cool collected. Love that.

  4. That’s a percfect blue sky, I imagine how nice would be to spend summer time in that place

  5. I’m wondering if the caption have anything to do with the photo but nice photo you have there. The building is about to collapse??

  6. The sky is just lovely here. Could it just be a media effect or it just natural that way. Anyway, the photo is great

  7. The house is strong, considering the fact that it has withstood the rigors of time over time. Still looking great.

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