May 2017

16 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. This is a very beautiful, but delicate flower. I love how animated the shot is in the flower’s blooming stage.

  2. More like waiting for it to bloom ha ha, Anyway It us a gorgeous shot. The contrast of pink and green is perfect.

  3. I love it when flowers come into bloom..this is a beautiful flower.
    What’s its name?

  4. Very frail but beautiful flower. Love the very vivid details this perfect shot has focused on giving to the viewer.

  5. Well nurtured and nourished flower I love pink flowers there all make my day especially when there are used as decorative pieces.

  6. The photo brongs out the flower’s details perfectly. Portraying its splendid color which makes one truly appreciate the shot

  7. Pink and green – my favorite colors in one photo. That makes this my favorite photo 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. This is why I love your photos. You capture the beauty and clarity. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

  9. Almost there. I love how the effect was to focus on the bloom and blur out all others. this is hard to achieve with just phone photography, some phones do not capture the pink color that greatly.

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