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January 2020

17 responses to “Bottled”

  1. Hmmm, what is there to be bottled? Or could it be some bottled up feeling? Just like the open bottle, you can let it all go.

  2. The slightly blurred background creates a nice focus for the bottle. That’s a nice technique you used here.

  3. This could mean a lot. It could mean forgetting or even hiding stuff. The way I see it though is a symbol of letting go or letting it all out since the lid is not there. That said it is not BOTTLED at least not anymore. Just A bottle. That would be more fitting.

  4. I’m having a different feelings for this photo. The black and white edit makes it more classic. I like this.

  5. I really appreciate black and white photos, they definitely are in a class by themselves. I’m no art expert but this picture certainly wouldn’t speak as much if it weren’t in black and white. Except maybe one thing still would have shined through and that would be the glaring contrast between the sparkling clean jar and the dirty window.

  6. Something about this photograph strikes me as extremely nostalgic. The somewhat obscured foundation makes a decent concentration for the bottle.

  7. I love black and white pictures.. This is a nice photograph..I wonder what bottle is in that photograph

  8. I’m seeing an empty bottle,I’m wondering what could be bottled up in such bottle or is it just an art work.

  9. This an output that shows or mean a lot. its a professional that will produce this quality work. lovely piece here guy

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