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Box Of Bears

January 2018

20 responses to “Box Of Bears”

  1. Is this bears also for xmas celebrations? Just made me remember when I was cleaning my closet, lots of bears was disposed

  2. Lovely photo to see at a time like this. The season to see bears and even have a bear hug from loved ones m

  3. Teddy bears are one special gift for a lot of people including me. I wouldn’t mind getting one of these as my xmas gift. I will love it

  4. This reminds me of a certain Cartoon ( Forgot what it is called) but it does became a staple for celebrations. If I will choose I would pick a giant stuff toy he he.

  5. Just imagine this are human box or restricted in a confined space. We should be accommodative in any circumstances we find ourselves. Merry Christmas Thomas

  6. The person who bought these bears chose all the available breeds of bears or even more chose the family of bears.

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