Boxes Of Memories

June 2019

26 thoughts on “Boxes Of Memories

  1. I think we ll have this in some shape or form. Me? well I always have sort of a storage room. At times, I find my box of toys when I was a kid and it makes me feel very nostalgic.

  2. I love this long hallway shot. It makes the focus more luring towards the boxes and what’s inside them. Huge sense of intrigue in this photo.

  3. The hallway is so overwhelming with so much deepness. I like this shot, it so unique and different.

  4. I am very familiar with boxes like these – they’re stored in our attic. Yep there are a lot of memories that goes into each box, both bad and good ones. Reminiscing aside, the camera shot is really amazing as it really focuses one’s attention on those boxes at the end of the hallway.

  5. I wonder what’s inside those boxes. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this looks like the back end of a school gym or something like that. Maybe there’s old sports supplies in them, perhaps?

  6. I wonder what is inside those boxes. So curious to find out as they seem to have been forgotten.

  7. What a long and lonely hallway. Are the boxes empty or filled with some dirty stuff. Great shot by the way.

  8. It’s usual to left behind boxes full of stuff that we don’t need but for reason we kept for long time.

  9. Imagine how beautiful this picture is going to be when the hallway is completed. The boxes there I presume should contain items used to construct the hallways. Nice shoot.

  10. I do agree those boxes looks like they contain a lot of memories. But not the kind if memories worth preserving from the looks of things which is too bad.

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