September 2018

15 thoughts on “Bridge Over Troubled Water

  1. I always like to view the sight of troubled waters. The sight delight me alot and give me perfect joy. This shot is so significant and alluring too.

  2. This is another wonderful shot about nature. Colors are great. The water is calming and brings peace within.

  3. Such a very cozy picture. I am imagining the gentle breeze and the sweet singing birds in the background just by looking at it.

  4. What a peaceful atmosphere within the sea and it’s environs. I like the ambience and the color combination too.

  5. Great angle for this shot! The shading over the river is amazing and the bridge being lit really helps it obtrude the picture. These pics all aim to please!

  6. Is that a pun??? lol. Anyway, now this is a good view light and vibrant. You can clearly see how the bridge and the water really shines.

  7. It’s a rare pic and bridge to see these days. Much vegetation has been cleared and we have been left with uncovered river beds.

  8. What a beautiful scenery. This picture creates such a tranquil atmosphere. I can love to spend an afternoon fishing at the river below the bridge.

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