• Miaka Yuuki

    I stayed into houses of this model while I was in vacation and at this climate it tends to be so hot. If you cover the doors it will be like a microwave. It is better if you open the door than being cooped in it.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I love your attention to lighting. It’s great that it can illuminate even the most disheveled areas. Thanks for sharing.

  • David Mureithi

    This is always what I admire see each morning. When you either open the window or door and the light comes flashing.

  • meldred24

    The beauty of the morning sunshine light is stunning. It’s very wonderful how it shines a dark room.

  • jolly555

    Apart from the white bright light, I don’t think any other thing is good in there. But its an awesome photo all the same.

  • esgyll

    I really love that splash of light into the hallway. Makes everything look a lot brighter even in the abandoned clutter.

  • Danielle M

    The place looks dirty and abandoned, but I’m sure that in the good days it was beautifull and made happy to someone who certanly enjoyed all that light coming from the outside in a sunny morning.

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