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Broken Camper


June 2015

27 responses to “Broken Camper”

  1. I like the play of light and shadow in this one. Nice shot for a broken camper.

    • I love the lightening added, looks really perfect. With time the weeds will take over the abandoned camper. Lovely output

  2. I really adore the light play and shadow in this picture. It is a wonderful image for a camper.

  3. This trailer truck must be very convenient to use. All you just need to do is to has it up and you can camp wherever you want.

  4. Somebody must have abandoned the truck here and then the vegetation grew around it. It’s a great shot that evokes a lot of questions.

  5. Seems that the car got crashed onto something and abandoned. I would love to take that home with me and beautify that. Nice shot tom!

  6. It seems someone must have been lost in the forest and left their truck there. So much time have passed.

  7. How did you even locate this abandoned truck? It’s like a hidden treasure in the bush.

  8. This broken camper must have had memories when it was still functioning. Looks like the weeds are occupying it for the owner. The light, colour is just perfect.

  9. In this photograph you can see very green vegetation, the ugly thing is that broken camper that contaminates the natural visibility.

  10. Nature is doing its job.. I’m wondering why did this camber was left behind.

  11. This vehicle is starting to become part of the forest artifice. I wonder how it got there, but it sure looks like quite a fancy camper while it was still in working condition.

  12. One wonders what could have caused the owners to abandon this camper in such a state. I sure hope they are okay.

  13. I would be scared to venture into the camper. It may harbor some dangerous snakes.

  14. It looks like a fairly decent camper. I think it still has some years of use left in it.

  15. This photo has got me craving a camping expedition. I should definitely do that soon.

  16. I can only guess how long ago anyone was in that camper. It could be years actually.

  17. I have no doubt that a few animals may have already made this camper their home. I’d be very careful not to set foot inside it!

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