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14 responses to “Burdick”

  1. A classic Burdick,how time flies with some household appliances. This is true that technology is never static.

  2. What is it use for? or what is it? Sorry but I do not remember my folks using it before. 1960’s tech I assume.

  3. Good old burdick it a timeless one. It looks so old in this photo but in a nice way though.

  4. I don’t have any this device is. It looks like an old electrical machine I guess.

  5. Well I havent seen this kind of technology before.I guess this is already a classic collection.

  6. Well I heavent seen this kind of technology before.I guess this is a classic collection.

  7. It looks like an old device, I lvoe the contrats between somehting old and a modern color on the wall.

  8. I love the old machines because they were made of durable materials. Look at this machine, its very old yet still in good shape.

  9. All old things were made to last for decades. Nowadays things are made to last months.

  10. Whatever this machine was used for, it must have been a classic one. Look at it even after all these years it’s still a treasure to behold.

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