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Call Me A Doctor

Call Me A Doctor

August 2019

9 responses to “Call Me A Doctor”

  1. This is scary Tom though, but its a nice photography work you have done. I will sure help call a doctor boss. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. I always see this on a lab or clinic. I do not like looking at dead stuff. Thankfully it is artificial otherwise this would be creepy. Although I have seen preserved animals.

  3. So funny, I haven’t seen in one of those in long time, probably since I was a high schooll student.

  4. We will eventually look exactly like that someday. It is never too late to pamper yourself while you are able.

  5. It’s amazing how frail a skeleton looks without the meat and the flesh. Very fitting title. Nice job.

  6. This is always handle by the doctors so anyone handling it can mistakenly be called a Doctor, even if such person is not.

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