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Call Me, Call Me Anytime

Call Me, Call Me Anytime

October 2019

14 responses to “Call Me, Call Me Anytime”

  1. I was able to catch this before mobiles became a thing. Used one two but now you rarely see these anywhere. Aside from residential areas I suppose. Homes use this as a sort of back up.

  2. yeah, I can still remember the phone booth then where one could just place some coins to make a call, now we have mobile phones everywhere.

  3. It’s normal these days to call someone at any time. In the last century, things were different.

  4. Wow I remember this; I call it “roll to dial” phone. Wow so long have seen one. Flash back of good memory. Thanks Pal

  5. I still remember using phones like this one. How times have really changed, we barely get personal calls anymore, everything is now sent via texting.

  6. The good old telephone that we enjoyed using some many years back before the Advent of mobile phones that we have today.

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