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Camel Close-Up


August 2014

13 responses to “Camel Close-Up”

  1. This must be the first time I’m seeing a camel’s face this close. It’s nothing like what I expected.

  2. This photo brings back a lot of childhood memories. My dad used to take me to some place where I would get camel rides.

  3. I’m surprised you were able to get this close to the camel. If it were me I would be terribly scared hahaha!

  4. You did a good job with the framing on this photo. It’s a neat little touch that makes the photo stand out even more 🙂

  5. Beautiful Carmel photo just the way it will be pleasing to the eyes. The color variation is on point too.

  6. How did you manage to get your hands on a camel? this close at that? I know they love hot places but from the looks of it this is not the desert. Unless you import one from middle East I suppose. Weird but cool shot.

  7. So distance also matters in photography…I never new this. This close up photography of this camel really makes it look like am seeing the camel from a mirror. Nice piece Toms

  8. This is a close up photo because one has the opportunity of every thing about the camel. Good one Tom

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