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Can’t Stop The Music


June 2014

10 responses to “Can’t Stop The Music”

  1. There is something about this photograph that makes me feeling so nostalgic. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this photo sure makes me feeling blue.

  2. The two keys “do, re” stocked down will definitely stop sounding ones the limit has been reached. I love to play my grandpa’s piano. Looks like this.

  3. Although it looks old, for sure this piece still works. I hope to have this kind of organ at home.

  4. Music will always be a part of our very own souls. Nothing could stop the music, even if every musical instrument breaks down and is lost.

  5. I always prefer piano over guitar or drums. In my opinion. This piano however needs a major fix. A restoration job will make it play again as it should.

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