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Capitol Theater

Capitol Theater
Montpelier, Vermont, United States

October 2020

26 responses to “Capitol Theater”

  1. This is understandable due to the situation. I love how they play with it though ha ha. Seriously however, with movies not returning soon we do hope it returns. After all we need to get life moving.

  2. Cool message. It simply means that the pandemic has won the battle, but will never win the war.

  3. Wow, a billions of dollar short down cause of COVID 19. I just wish our lifes can come back to normal even better.

  4. I like the caption of this photo, capitol has been down but not out. This is how it should be for a good business

  5. This caption is lovely, I kept reading the post over and over again. I just imagine how the passerby will react.

  6. “Temporarily down but not out” is quite inspirational. In times of chaos and depression, it is important to remain optimistic. That said, I look forward to not only Capitol Theatre but other places reopened in safer times to come.

  7. There is still hope for the reopening of this great structure. It cannot just go down like that.

  8. The heading of this picture is all I see. I believe this is applicable to life too. One need to keep at it.

  9. I used to go to the movies with a very special friend, I remember that we saw the movie Venom it was the last time we saw each other, due to the pandemic we did not do many things together again.

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