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Cardnal Outside My Window

Cardnal Outside My Window

August 2013

23 responses to “Cardnal Outside My Window”

  1. It is nice to highlight the color of this bird and also the class, I have never seen one like this, these birds looking from a branch for him must be like his favorite window.

  2. A little red bird on the tree, savoring its environment. I like the background here. it is so natural and lovely.

  3. This is a good looking bird. I am no expert but this is definitely unique. I do not know if this is a real bird or what but love the background. Good shot as always. Is this what a cardinal is? or is it just me that the spelling is funky.

  4. Such a beautiful subject. I have not seen a cardinal before. This picture gives justice to the subject. They way it was shoot, the color contrast is just perfect.

  5. This is a nice shot taken closely by you. This is a little beautiful bird. I like the red color of the bed

  6. Colourful and beautiful. I have never seen this bird in my area, I guess is not found in this part of the world

  7. What a magnificent red! You can really absorb the cardinal’s features and its surroundings. Beautiful shot!

  8. Ahh! So that’s why they’re called “cardinals”! That bird looks so regal, both in terms of its poise, and the vivid colour of its red feathers.

    I doubt that Cardinal Richelieu (of “The Three Musketeers”) could hold up a candle to that bird. I mean, this particular cardinal has a certain degree of pride to it, unaffected by human politics.

    *laughs slightly…*

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