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July 2007

16 responses to “Carter”

  1. This looks calm and cool. Located in between the woods. A typical rail way line. Nice colour choice

  2. Kind of reminds me of the train track in Stand By Me. There’s something very prolific about an empty train track out in the wilderness. Awesome picture!

  3. I do not know how to connect it to the subject? All I see is a rail road? Now what is it got to do with Carter? Then again it might be referring to the destination? Who knows.

  4. Is this the popular Carter town or the railway that leads to Carter. Nice colour choice, so cool and calm

  5. Such scenes of this old railway are rare to see. I wonder which part of the world such railways still exists.

  6. Looks like a rather lonely stretch of old railroad. The rather washed out look to the picture adds to the overall loneliness of the shot. I feel as if I’ll never go this way again and it’s sad, that kind of emotion.

  7. This old railway line evokes inner peace especially because of the surrounding landscape, where life goes on and the bad is left behind.

  8. this should be an old abandoned railway track. It looks that this photo was taken from a distance. This is good.

  9. Looks like an old picture, the color is not very vivid. Maybe because of the influence of light, it seems that the journey is still far away…

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