Caught Daylight

This morning I caught daylight much too soon and in the cold foggy morning of Vermont as I lay awake, I stared out the window with not much to say outside of the thoughts circling within my mind.

It seems that winter comes earlier and earlier with each passing year, bringing with it the promise of snow filled days spent inside thinking about the year. The wintertime gives me plenty of time to wonder about what I want to do with the rest of my life, and with each passing year, I know that I’m getting older, too. Time itself means nothing, yet through space and time, there exists a common denominator in which as humans we perpetually need more of both.

Stuffed Animals

Amelia’s is the last face I see when I go to sleep in the evening, and the first face I see when I wake in the morning. Some days hers is the only face I wish to see; her eyes speak of everlasting and unconditional love, for they belong to my best friend, my lover, and the center of my universe. Morning usually comes quickly, and I am always the first one to wake in the morning as I watch the way that light attaches itself to the trees, as night slowly gives way to daylight. As the brilliant sunlight eventually makes its way through the trees and into our bedroom, it brings with it a promise of a brand new day as I lie awake until she opens her eyes to look at me. It is at that moment that I choose to speak into the silence, speaking of her beauty and professing, once more, my endearing love for her.

Our lives are entwined, for whenever I go to sleep, Amelia and I are the main characters in every dream I have, equal partners in a mystery, like a unicorn in a jungle, it’s all in my mind where reality meets fantasy.

When it comes to heart of matters, it is the heart that matters more.

The featured image is called It’s All In Your Mind.

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