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Chapel At Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain


12 responses to “Chapel At Dog Mountain”

  1. I love the effect that you got by adding the toys to the pictures. It looks like the chappel of an experimental town.

  2. Seriously I loved this idea but a little confused, who will control the dogs when watch man aren’t allowed. Funny but I love it

  3. So can you enter the little chapel? It’s somewhere I’d want to visit with my own furry friend someday.

  4. That great DANE really stands out. It looks like a horse and with that said I guess dogs really go to heaven he he. Very creative shot!!!!

  5. Those are some fine looking wax dummies! Hilarious sign too. Maybe this chapel will set some new religious standards.

  6. This is an interesting picture, does that chapel exist for real?…. I’m confused because I see real mountains in the background but the figures are toys.

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