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Chesterfield Engine 1


August 2016

19 responses to “Chesterfield Engine 1”

  1. This is lovely, hardly will we see this vehicle running this days. Woods has taken over. Beautiful caption

  2. An abandoned fire fighters vehicle. Wont take too much stress to make running again just that the engine might need a total change but the body still looks pretty good. Nice one

  3. Now what is a fire engine doing in the middle of the forest? Also what’s wrong with it? It still looks somewhat new if judging only by the vibrant red paint it still has.

  4. For its age, the fire truck looks to be in a very good condition. I think it still has some years of service left in it.

  5. If I had a truck like this I would convert it to some kind of classic truck. I can think of so many creative uses for it!

  6. Is this still in working order? It seems highly unlikely. It is good though this truck for sure has helped a lot of lives but it just so happens that it is time to hang the towel? Who knows it can still be fixed.

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