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Child’s Play Room

Child's Play Room

June 2011

15 responses to “Child’s Play Room”

  1. Wow, memories flashing back. You are the real deal Tom. Nice caption angle, gave a detailed output.

  2. I can just remember this, good old days where one wakes up to just play and play, no thoughts for bills and troubles of life,

  3. Children playrooms are easy to identify, with the way they will look unkept. Nice photography shot. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. This is a typical set of a child’s playroom. One minute it’s so neat but after the baby plays, it’s a disaster again.

  5. Pretty cramped for a child’s playroom, but the pencil crayons hit mark. Once again, beautiful photography.

  6. This is very nostalgic. It makes me think of my younger years. I am not that old yet but at times I wish I can go back to these times and be better? Perhaps change it so that I make less mistakes.

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