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Chocorua Lake

Chocorua Lake, New Hampshire, United States

February 2010

22 responses to “Chocorua Lake”

  1. This lake must be very famous for what I consider also very visited, and even more so in winter, the light in the sky made more impression on me, it seems as if another world was behind that light.

  2. Oh wow, this place looks magical. you captured all the beauty in the picture, especially the sunshine.

  3. The way image is taken there on camera is unique and made me wonder of it. It looks a great place to spend some time.

  4. The lakes seems to be at very high altitude seeing the coat of snow over its top layer any one can say.

  5. This is odd I feel likethe name reminds me of a bird from Final Fantasy ( Chocobo) Is this what the lake looks like in real life??? Very cool painting…

  6. I have been looking around for a chocolate bar, why is this lake called that name. I know there will be a reason just curious

  7. Really a fantastic place to cool down after a long months of work. I wish I could have a closer look man

  8. Nature is truly a wonderful thing. Staying there seems like heaven to me. Thank you for the lovely photo.

  9. Unbelievable lighting and camera focus. This may be your most impressive picture up to date. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Many thanks for sharing this photo. I never knew there were places this beautiful on our planet.

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