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Clothesline Pulley In Tree


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11 responses to “Clothesline Pulley In Tree”

  1. I’m just wondering what left the clotheslines pulley in the tree there. It may be the handiwork of a mischievous person.

  2. This is something new. Here we just make do with putting on wires outside our backyard from which to hang our laundry. That clothesline pulley looks very worn and had done years and years worth of hard work.

  3. Meaning no matter how hard something is, you can overcome and grow with it. This great picture really means tolerance….. great caption…

  4. Could this be an accident that lead this clothesline pulley in the tree. Well great and nice photography job there.

  5. Great shot in the midst of the action. I wonder how hard it would be to yank that pulley out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. How did the pin got there? For that matter it is not the pin that I am used to seeing. Good shot though but I wonder what the full device looks like? IT might be part of something so what is it?

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