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Clustered By The Torso

Clustered By The Torso

February 2020

18 responses to “Clustered By The Torso”

  1. Torso has now been in used in fashion world more than ever now, brings shape to cloth for prospective buyers. Nice caption and the lightening was perfect.

  2. Wow, I remember when I was shopping and my 5 year old daughter was covering a doll with her scarf. So funny and the store even gave her a gift. Lovely picture

  3. It looks like an art installation by itself. I love how spontaneous yet somehow also sophisticated as if all put there by an artist for a dramatic photo shoot this is.

  4. Interesting imagery sampled here. These torsos almost have a robotic feel because they are so unblemished. I can see why they’re ideal for displaying clothes in the fashion world.

  5. I think I would be scared if I encountered these dolls in real life. Something about them just seems rather unsettling.

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