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Cog Railway

Cog Railway

July 2008

30 responses to “Cog Railway”

  1. Wow it is an accurate title. Come to think of it this is our ideal ride is it not? Clean, peaceful and quite with no worries. In that regard, I love this shot . Just wow!!!The pink train though.

  2. What a beautiful photo. Perfect rail ride in a perfect. I doesn’t matter how log the travel is. I’ll be enjoying the whole scenery.

  3. It looks like a train of lies, like a cartoon, I like the colors it has and the background of the photo is very nice.

    • The trail of the train smoke looks almost similar to the clouds behind. Such a lovely picture.

  4. The train looks like a train used for fun or for cartoons. Thanks for this colorful picture. You made the shot from a good angle.

  5. If this is real, it looks like the train wanna derail . The timing of this picture is perfect, seriously only prof can produce this

  6. What a beautiful image. I even zoomed in just to make sure it was real because cannot believe such a place really exists.

  7. Though it’s the old schisc railway, it’s still standing strong and in perfect shape. I love the picture.

  8. Is this for real? This shot is so clean and clear infact, I am, lost for the appropriate word to use, all I can say is that it looks like a painting. The old train, the atmosphere works altogether well for this shot

  9. I like the color effects of this picture, it really cool to the eyes. nice shot from a professional hands.

  10. The scenery is very nice! your photos look great! i love how you captured the train. Rustic and inviting.

  11. All that smoke makes this train an environmental hazard. It’s a good thing modern trains run on electricity.

  12. Wow, this train is so different from the subway trains we are used to. It is like a blast from the past.

  13. I would fancy a ride on the train. I know it would be bumpy but the experience would be totally worth it!

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