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Collapsed Foot Bridge


November 2015

20 responses to “Collapsed Foot Bridge”

  1. Wow, as damaged as this bridge is, the photographic skills you showed brought beauty. Love picture guy, with the right effect always

  2. Amazing picture Tom. Looks like it been long the bridge has been in use last, even before the collapse.

  3. Looks like a bit of a weak bridge, but I love how it’s out in the open right in the forest. It could use a few touch-ups and then I think it would be good to go.

  4. This is really broken and in bad shape. A good reconstruction is what is needed though to uplift this.

  5. Yes the foot bridge has collapsed, It may have collapsed by reason of usage. However I am wondering where does it lead to? Was this place once used as a form of tourist attraction?

  6. The elevation is not high enough to be called a bridge. A walkway is more like it. Sure it looks run down but let us be honest here damage in this will be minimal since it is not elevated enough.

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