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Come Back When You’re Ready

March 2018

23 responses to “Come Back When You’re Ready”

    • Thanks, Tracey! I have far too many pictures of places which used to be amazing but have since fallen into disrepair and neglect.

  1. In this picture, while looking at it one can imagine how beautiful it was at one point. The title alludes to that too in my mind, that one day it could be restored (idealistic sense the title encourages one to envision this home at its original perfect state or idealistically restored in the future).

    • It has been my experience that in the United States, properties are at greater risk for abandonment than most other developed countries in the world. I’m not sure what started, nor continued to perpetuate this ridiculous trend.

  2. This really need a comeback because the place is in ruins already. You so capture it well sharp and bright.

  3. This is one nice picture..the house looks abandoned but with some repair,it will look nice again

  4. The house has witnessed a lot of good and bad memories for sure. Once restored, this house will be a really beautiful one.

  5. I bet this house was very beautifull in other days, I would love to see her restored ad shining again, I can imagine a happy family living there.

  6. I don’t understand why many abandoned beautiful houses. They can sell it instead though.

  7. This would been better if the come back is for real, so that the place will be put back together. Good shot still.

  8. This is so sad the first house looks like it caught fire and got complete burnt but the second one has the roof still intact. Awesome pictures i love how you always capture the essence.

  9. I like how there’s still hope in this pic, even though the house is partly damaged. It’s almost as if it’s calling out to you for refurbishment.

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