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Commuter Train

Commuter Train

June 2010


23 responses to “Commuter Train”

  1. This is an edgy photo. Even though there’s no one there, it has a momentous feel like something’s about to go down. The colours and focus are great.

  2. I never saw the insides of a train before so thanks for this. I imagine modern trains are a lot more sophisticated but still this is cool.

  3. Yea, the interior of a train. But this look a bit old or could it be the color that is getting in the way. All the same it a good photo.

  4. Its one of those commuter trains. A great shot that gives a very nice view of the inside of the train.

  5. I’ve always wanted to know what it looks inside! I finally know what it looks like. Thank you for sharing the amazing picture.

  6. It says a lot about an old commuter train. From it’s wired telephone dowm to its chair. Nice shot.

  7. This is how a commuter train looks in the inside, its good to know. I’ve never boarded a train before, but I’ll do one of this days.

  8. Absolute almost chaos on the naked cables here and there, but the chair still looks quite new. Is this just recently retired in a train yard somewhere?

  9. Cool picture, I had never before seing how looks the real control section of a train.

  10. I can’t remember the last time I saw a phone like the one on this train. It must be very old.

  11. It’s the first time I am seeing the driver cabin of a train. I never knew it was so sophisticated.

  12. This is one transport system I’m yet to use. The inside looks cool will really want a ride in it if an opportunity arises.

  13. I love all your photographic works because its always very enlightening and brings something that one would’t normally think about. Great shot.

  14. Very nice capture, you got everything covered from a nice view…. I love to see more of your great works

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