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October 2017

11 responses to “Compartmentalize”

  1. A metaphorical expression. A mix feeling photographic work. But Tom, you are use to creating master piece, what’s the secret?

  2. Everything about that cupboard/shelves is in disarray, though it’s something a good carpenter can fix in no time. The same thing could be said about life – you just need to be able to sort through it all slowly bit by bit until it becomes peaceful again, by putting everything in its own space.

  3. That’s one way to do it by smashing every drawer open. Despite the poor condition, I could still see these compartments being eligible with some solid tuneups.

  4. This can pass for an art work especially with the color and its effect. It looks as if you did a painting of it. Nice shot Tom.

  5. This is a creative job, I must give this to your Midas touch. Always giving an imaginative touch to your photographs.

  6. Looks like a house which an individual has just vacated and also unkept. As usual Tom, the picture quality is superb. Thanks for this post.

  7. It feels like life when everything goes wrong, but you know thatt you still can get out and start from zero.

  8. Looks like a storm came in. However, it is mot like a good carpenter cannot fix. That said, it needs a lot of drawers since the ones that it had seems to be missing. The bottom compartment is broken too. Anyway good shot.

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