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Congress And 8th

Congress And 8th

December 2018


15 responses to “Congress And 8th”

  1. This looks like something you can see featured on a photo postcard. Nice composition showcasing the building right at the center of it all.

  2. This photo remains of my days in Abraka, used to see places like this there. You did have a good shot with this photo.

  3. Is this a congress building? Where US or Asia? I never did much traveling to be honest. Looks good though?

  4. What a view of the street. It’s quite amazes me when I see such pics taken with much professionalism.

  5. You capture this perfectly well. I see scenes like in movies as interlude before some main scenes in the movie.

  6. This is a nice view..the street is really nice..I love the ambience..great picture

  7. Nice photo. I love that the buildong that has a dome is being focused. Such a nice view.

  8. I just really love the picture really makes me want to travel there soon. What is the name of the building under focus the congress i can see is the white one.

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