May 2018

20 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Sometimes what makes a photography outstanding is just the dim color just like this. It depicts a classy work of art.

  2. The photo tells how in this world things are interconnected. We need each other to survive.

  3. It’s intersting to see how this beautiful fower is connected to the algea. Nature benefits from each other.

  4. I love the way you have focused on this beautiful flower. It stands out very clearly and makes the scene look very lovely.

  5. Beautiful and stunning snapshot. I good to have this in one’s collection. It will be memorable.

  6. Sometimes we miss a lot of things because we ignore it. Great shot of a subject that I would just often ignore in my daily life.

  7. I know this is more of a metaphor but connect to what? Perhaps I am just seeing a lot from this. With that said, I cannot fully understand this shot.

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