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Conrail 2233

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

October 2017

13 responses to “Conrail 2233”

  1. Nice photography work here Tom. The photo is so sharp and bright. It must just be a professional hand.

  2. I have never ever been to any kind of railway museum, but I would love to someday. That being said. this shot is perfectly crisp and clear, like pictures you’d see in a glossy museum brochure.

  3. Very nice shot, I like this type of train and is good to know that it’s been preserved to give to the next generations the opportunity of seing it.

  4. Pennsylvania is know for taking care of history. And a professional hand -on photographic work. The speed of this train can never be compared to today’s fast subways…..but this train worth more than the fast trains …..

  5. I love how they restore the paint, giving beauty to this old train. As always, Tom has an eye for every good angle.

  6. This conrail’s almost built like an action figure. I love the heavy machinery and dominant look.

  7. This railway looks so inviting like one can just go over to take a train ride. The photo is just as good as it should be.

  8. This looks like it is still new. I am not familiar with the brand but my guess is this is not a passenger train? A cargo train is more like it. Good shot though.

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