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Cooking Shack


21 responses to “Cooking Shack”

  1. Its such an old cooking shack. What makes it look like a cooking place are those electronics. I wonder what they are.

  2. This cooking shack looks so creepy but at the same time adventurous. You want to find out who exactly used to live here.

  3. it like the effects on this photo overwhelms it. I could barely see the exact picture of what it is. The color is okay but overwhelming.

  4. The place looks very bad but the picture is great. You always make this wonderful pictures.

  5. I couldn’t have guessed it was a cooking shack if it were not in the title. What a mess this place is.

  6. Unused cooking shack is more like it. If it were me I will ask my husband to fix this and perhaps make it as a work space.

  7. Years ago, I suppose, that area was full of life and great home-cooked meals. Now, its life-spark has vanished, and it is now a discarded memory. A tragedy, but I guess that this is the result of progress; as technology becomes more advanced, the older ways end up getting left behind to rot and die.

  8. Coking shack is a perfect tittle because the place is in scatters. You cannot cook on it now, but I believe with some renovation it can bounce back into place.

  9. Cooking shack, I doubt this place is still in use. It looking damaged and abandoned. But it still okay for my view

  10. I just noticed how you love to take a photo of abandoned old houses. Such passion in your work. Good shot.

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