17 thoughts on “Corner Storage

  1. This rough, tattered unkempt place can be revived into a palace. My old woman will say” hands repair things”…..let make this world a better place…less of abandoned buildings Toms

  2. Oh wow, you are amaizing Tom. I don’t know very much picture that would take the risk to get in a place like this to get this great shot.

  3. I like how the doorways seem to let in a lot of natural light, though I guess its because its doors have either rotted away, torn off, or probably salvaged for use somewhere else. It makes the entire room a lot less gloomier than it should be.

  4. Its either this place is under renovations or abandoned. This is a clean and clear picture with professional touches.

  5. This looks it will fall any second now!!! This should be taken down because as far as I could see there is no saving it. Safety should come first.

  6. It’s a wrecked room with a lot of unused wood. If well maintained, the room can be a good storage point or maybe a living room.

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