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March 2016

19 responses to “Cornered”

  1. I imagine this in an interrogation scene ha ha. The chair the atmosphere is perfect for it. Good shot.

  2. Lovely splash of sunlight onto an otherwise dismal setting. Not really sure if it was intentional for a dramatic shot, but I love it nonetheless.

  3. The chair looks new but the environment is in disrepair.. Nice shot..I love that chair

  4. The color of the wallpaper catched my eye. It is unusual to see this color on the wall.

  5. Interesting that the house is in bad shape but the chair in the corner is still in perfect condition. It must have been a super quality one.

  6. These are the old school chairs that were very durable and very comfortable. No wonder it has withstand time and still looking good.

  7. Such photos as this are rare to come across. It takes an expert in the filed to bring out the beauty of such a forgotten place.

  8. A chair in the corner of the room but in a lit area for one to see the inside. It an awesome shot for me.

  9. A sturdy chair in a cornered room. The chair must be very well built, it’s still in good shape though the room itself is no longer in good shape.

  10. I like this photo very much. The sun’s rays on the chair brings good focus to the chair itself.

  11. You like taking pictures on what seems like an abandoned place. I love that you see beauty in those kind of things/places.

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