Eastern State Penitentiary

16 thoughts on “Courtyard

  1. An abandoned courtyard but I would love to have a photoshoot here. The black and white effect is nice.

  2. Though abandoned but people that had case settled here will always remember what memory it holds. Lovely effect, so much looks natural

  3. I can say that nobody has walked on that patio for a long time, and I can also think that the other patios of the other houses are in the same conditions as this one.

  4. Looks like the courtyard in an old movie I have seen. So abandoned. Lovely effect Thomas, makes it natural

  5. Despite the fact that relinquished yet individuals that had case settled here will consistently recollect what memory it holds. Dazzling impact such a lot of looks characteristic.

  6. When is this taken and where? Scotland? Never the less this is an old 1950’s looking building. Does this have any importance to Tom? In any case this is cool.

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