• Janine Bocateja

    Nice shot. Very retro. Nostalgia strikes me on this shot. A retro and a classic television. I can still remember that I use to be the human remote of my parents to switch channels. lol.

  • jolly555

    This here has brought back a fanciful memories. I know when I used to play with an old TV like this that was left on my granny balcony. it was fun then.

  • David Mureithi

    Wow! Where is such and old artifact still exist? It’s been a long time seeing a quality pic of an old item. Always used to black and white.

    • Obalade Damilola

      Wow…I can remember those days..this television was snazzy back then..I guess the world has evolved..

  • esgyll

    Watching TV will always be a part of us even when we do grow old and gray. We really are creatures of habit.

  • Barak Telle

    There was a time when this and of TVs were the talk o the town. Now they don’t exist anymore in the market and we have the smart TVs.Things have really changed.

  • brainedet

    It been long I physically see stuff like this. This looks good in an old way. But it’s a shot well taken.

  • Grace K

    Talk of quality. This TV has withstand all that time and it’s still in good shape, even though the house around is wasting.

  • Janet James

    The owner of this TV deserves some congratulations. How they’ve managed to preserve the TV in such a good condition is commendable.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I wonder if there’s still a signal on that thing. I could see this representing a creature of habit, who’s too stubborn to buy a new T.V.

  • Patricia

    This is a testament to how far human technology has come. Nowadays TVs are flat and nothing like the one in this photo.

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