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Creatures Of Habit (Alternate Take)

Creatures Of Habit (Alternate Take)

May 2019


18 responses to “Creatures Of Habit (Alternate Take)”

  1. Nice shot. Very retro. Nostalgia strikes me on this shot. A retro and a classic television. I can still remember that I use to be the human remote of my parents to switch channels. lol.

  2. This here has brought back a fanciful memories. I know when I used to play with an old TV like this that was left on my granny balcony. it was fun then.

  3. Wow! Where is such and old artifact still exist? It’s been a long time seeing a quality pic of an old item. Always used to black and white.

    • Wow…I can remember those days..this television was snazzy back then..I guess the world has evolved..

  4. Watching TV will always be a part of us even when we do grow old and gray. We really are creatures of habit.

  5. There was a time when this and of TVs were the talk o the town. Now they don’t exist anymore in the market and we have the smart TVs.Things have really changed.

  6. It been long I physically see stuff like this. This looks good in an old way. But it’s a shot well taken.

  7. Talk of quality. This TV has withstand all that time and it’s still in good shape, even though the house around is wasting.

  8. The owner of this TV deserves some congratulations. How they’ve managed to preserve the TV in such a good condition is commendable.

  9. I wonder if there’s still a signal on that thing. I could see this representing a creature of habit, who’s too stubborn to buy a new T.V.

  10. I can’t recall the last time I saw anything as old as this. It’s truly a part of history.

  11. This is a testament to how far human technology has come. Nowadays TVs are flat and nothing like the one in this photo.

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