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Creeping In

Eastern State Penitentiary

19 responses to “Creeping In”

  1. Wow, almost looks like a climactic movie scene. The lighting works perfectly in creating the suspense of creeping inside.

  2. This really looks creepy and the black and white background gave it the weird looks. Awesome shot really.

  3. Those rocks look like they could fall over any time. I wouldn’t fancy staying there for a long time.

  4. Seems like someone wanted to make a fire with all those dried sticks. This would be a bad place to get stranded at.

  5. the first word that came to my mind was solidarity. it does trigger a little claustrophobic in me. love the rocks details

  6. How on earth did you locate this creepy place? It looks so adventurous to discover whats in there.

  7. I do not wanna be trapped in there that is for sure. How did you take this shot? Do not say that you went there ha ha.

  8. What is really this image that have already given me good bump looking at it. Will never want to sight this in real life.

  9. I have fear of going to caves. I feel like I’ll be suffocated there. Great black and white picture!

  10. It would be very scary if you found yourself alone here. Its great that you took such a unique picture.

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