• Steve

    Really interesting work and all the better for being monochrome. I really enjoy photographing industrial type scenes and rundown urban environments, especially the details. I didn’t realize that that that there was this much interest in abandoned things. Makes a refreshing change from the airbrushed world that too many seem to want.

    • Thomas

      I’m one of the few photographers who focuses on reality, not on artificiality where things are made to look perfect. Too often, as photographers, we are expected to make things look perfect, whether it be to satisfy the client or our modern society, whose latest focus has been aimed at what we perceive to be our ideas of perfection.

      Thanks for your comment; it might just be enough inspiration to start another blog post on the topic of the idealism and perfection we often seek when we view photography.

    • Thomas

      I didn’t have to do anything; I found these dolls while out taking pictures of an abandoned building. Though I’m no expert, they appeared to have been burned with a flame of some kind; I know that they had a distinct smell as if their hair had been recently lit on fire.

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