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Creepy Old House For Sale


December 2015

18 responses to “Creepy Old House For Sale”

  1. Looks like something I might find cracked headless mannequins in. I don’t know, it just has that kind of creepy vibe for me. It’s really intriguing how you managed to capture that feel of unease with this just one shot.

  2. Though the house is old it’s so beautiful. I love the design that gives you an aerial view of the place, especially at night.

  3. This house looks like a castle house. It must have been so beautiful when it was in it’s good condition, based on how it looks now.

  4. This is a beautiful house but creepy. I hope they just renovated than abandoning.

  5. This look so creepy already I can’t try buying that house. I wonder what will happen after buying it, will I live in it will never try spending a night in it.

  6. This house must have been beautiful before it was abandoned. It should be rehabilitated.

  7. I am not a fan of houses such as these. Simply put when you buy one chances are you also bought all that comes with it. Its creepy and scary and that is more trouble than its worth.

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