April 2015

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22 thoughts on “Creepy Red House

  1. An abandoned house on the hills, that’s all I see. The effects makes the surroundings colourful. Nice one guy

  2. Wow, this choice in effect used really beautify the environs though the house is abandoned. I love this output…very unique

  3. I don’t thik it’s creepy, I wish it could be restored ’cause it looks like a nice place where to live far from everything.

  4. Because this house would be sinister maybe because there is something mysterious about it, but for me it is not, it seems to me like a beautiful country house.

  5. This is why we should avoid using RED. It makes everything stand out mostly in a bad way. Imagine seeing this house in the road while traveling alone? It gives me the creeps. Definitely!!!

  6. Really creepy looking house and the red color didn’t help matters. Maybe if it was white it wouldn’t be that bad.

  7. I’m just wondering what this place was used for, could it be a haunted house. It looks scary from afar.

  8. I am always scared of color red. Though the house looks good and cool. Thanks for this good photograph good for wallpaper.

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