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Crowded House

July 2011

21 responses to “Crowded House”

  1. So much stuff in just a small space. Living there must have been quite tough if it’s just one small room to cram all of a kitchen, living room, and bedroom in it.

  2. Wonder what brought such rowdiness. This place needs a de-cluster and things put in place just the way it should be.

  3. I hope someone cleans and organizes this. I hate when some people can’t clean. Like do they not have time to do that?

  4. This house is clearly crowded it needs some organization. I mean just from the looks of it the photographer couldn’t find a way in or out.

  5. Can’t be here for more than a second before getting to work. I hate environment like this.

  6. I feel like this house would be prime for a documentary special. Imagine losing something in all that mess. It would be impossible to find it again.

  7. Oh wow, I cant imagine some one living in that mess, if it were my house I would be very depressed.

  8. Just like your title. The picture also reflects. It’s a person who seems to be storing almost everything he finds.

  9. A messy house indeed. If general cleaning is to done, when thing are reorganized, for sire this house is really a cozy one.

  10. I wonder what must have transpired for this place to have been left in such a bad shape. I guess we’ll never know…

  11. Looks like a hoarder things that I see on TV. As it stands though these are junk. I will throw them out to be honest and use the space on something else.

  12. More like it was stuffed with anything and everything in one area. I imagined that there used to be more than 10 people in the house to have so many things like this.

  13. The house is so crowded with all home equipment. How was the person even able to live here?

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