• Alex

    I was expecting two people you know Crush lol. Kidding aside I hope nobody is trapped in there. Being crushed like this is bad news. It could even be fatal.

    • Wilson Jake

      Abandoned in the woods and the trees makes it theirs by falling and covering it up. Lovely picture, perfect effect choice. Looks simple but intact

  • esgyll

    Were those trees felled intentionally, or did the vehicle crash into them, thereby crushing itself in the process? It would have been a very terrible accident with a lot of people hurt and possibly dead if the latter was the case.

  • Malia

    It seems like a deadly crush that left the cars in this condition. The scene has preserved the memories over time.

  • Blessing

    What kind of a crush must this have been. It’s like the people involved never wanted to every see the wreck again.

  • Gracie

    Seeing such a scene of crush like this takes my mind back to what might have happened back then in the accident. It’s hard to not imagine.

  • Patricia

    The bus is best salvaged for its scrap metal at this point. I can’t see much use for it in this state.

  • Oliver

    I couldn’t have thought of a better title myself. It’s very descriptive and fitting for this particular photo 🙂

  • Storm

    There are so many questions I have with regards to this photo. How did the bus even get there in the first place hahaha!!

  • Miracle Athena

    Black and white photos are wonderful. I hope the truck didn’t really crushed in that pile of branches, hence the branches were eventually stacked in the abandoned truck.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Looks like this shack took on a crushing blow. It’s barely holding itself together, which makes it exceptional in capturing a moment in time. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yersontiz

    It is my impression, but it seems to me that a person lives on this bus who can be seen in the painting, like a figure of a sitting child.

  • jolly555

    This is beyond any kind of repair,It looks like the vehicle had a fatal accident and likely the passengers dint survive.

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