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CSX 3422 and CSX 766

September 2020

19 responses to “CSX 3422 and CSX 766”

  1. The sky sells it for me. Anyway where is this train going? I never rode one but it must be quiet an experience. Great shot.

  2. This photo looks a little odd to me. From my point of view on this photo, it appears that the CSX 3422 and CSX 766 are fused.

  3. The sky color made the photograph a perfect touched one. I love the train for despite old, originality still shows in it.

  4. The weather looks very friendly in the picture, even the atmosphere looks so comfortable. The CSX 3422 and CSX 766 seem to have opposite travel routes.

  5. I just love the color of the sky here, it an awesome blue and white color.which I like. The photo is nice too.

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